I'm just very busy with school and such. So, I haven't really had the time to stop for a moment and think about all the improvements that this wiki clearly needs. I do, howver, have the time to stop by and check to see if any trolls have come by. Thankfully if this wiki gets trolled, I can stop it quickly.

Honestly, I think I need some bureaucrats. Active bureaucrats. It would, overall, benefit the wiki both security wise and page wise (and what I mean by that is that our pages that provide information about the characters and such in Salad Fingers would be worded "professionally" (bear with me) and those pages would be formatted more properly, including a gallery if the character/thing shows up more than once, for example.) The problem is, I haven't seen a bunch of the same people editing here. Actively.

It'd help me and this wiki to have more active people here who aren't spamming, deleting, and/or trolling the pages here but rather adding true information and/or wording the information more smoothly. Keep that in mind if you're interested!

I also realized that I haven't made a blogpost in over a year. Wow. Well, here you go. I pretty much just made this blogpost to tell everyone my annual reminder that I'm still checking on this wiki but I started thinking about more about this wiki in general because I'm getting quite bored with reminding everyone the same message. I'm sure anyone who sees that is getting bored of it to.

Ok then. Good morning, evening, or nighttime to you, wherever you are on planet Earth. See you later! ~minty

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