...and why I named my title this is because I'm not really on this website as much as I'd like to be. Hello everybody, you guys should know me by now.

There's practically nobody on this wiki. I understand why, there's much more cooler things out there & David Firth has not uploaded any more Salad Fingers videos at the moment. It's just... me. I hope anyone who reads this (and I mean anyone) can cooperate with my explanation. (I just realized that David Firth has not uploaded any videos in like, what, 3 months or so?)

No, no, this doesn't mean that I officially don't want to be the admin anymore. I still do. It's pretty cool to be admin of any wikia website! Not many people get this opportunity. You have to apply to be admin, of course. And there are rules as normal. ANYWAYS (I'm getting off topic.) It also doesn't mean that I've lost interest in Salad Fingers. Well, not entirely. I've lost a badge's worth? (If anyone understands that.)

I apologize for not being active like an admin should. I had to take incredibly important tests (It's like the SAT, but I'm actually not in high school. I will in about August.) & it's just been quite a hectic week for me. As I'm typing this, I actually just got a bloody nose and the blood went EVERYWHERE to my cheeks, to my neck, to my legs. I had to wash it. Also, my corners of my mouth are dry due to allergies (but this is normal for me, I've had it since 5th grade) and UGH. But of course, I still pondered if anybody was on the Salad Fingers wiki. I kept stressing about it.

Lately, I've just tried to relax by playing violent video games. Irony. There's actually a wiki about it: The Elder Scrolls, preferably Oblivion. Sorry everybody. I'll try to be more active by tomorrow. Still a little bit stressed. ._.

Hope anyone here & someone out in the world has a nice day! --Mintyfingers (talk) 16:18, April 11, 2015 (UTC)Mintyfingers