Hey people, it's Minty. Everything is back to normal now, no more trolls (I've mentioned that like a zillion time now, very sorry.), deleted those useless juice pictures, and added some pictures to some pages, like the Hubert Cumberdale page. Besides being a student, this is pretty much my "occupation". I'm really tired after orchestra (I went to a festival today, I am in advanced, fun fact about me yay~) but I'd like to ask the people that actually is active here, contributing, a question.

Do you think I should enable pictures to upload on the cover instead of this boring blue color? I've seen multiple wikis with nice backgrounds, and I am trying to improve this... um... "dead" (apologies) wiki. I've also kinda considered adding badges, but that's been postponed on my time schedule, since I am currently using my dad's computer. Tomorrow is the last day of school for me and the beginning of spring break for me, so I might be more active here.

Any replies would be helpful, thank you. I think I'm doing an average job here, improving this wiki. Pretty happy of myself, I pat myself on the back. P.S, after I post this blog, this will be my 101th post! HURRAH! :D Ah, but it's cool if you don't comment. Thanks for your time!


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