(Quote from a SpongeBob special.) Hello everybody! I've got some good and bad news about "improving" this website.

Good News Section I am planning to change the boring, blue background into the background of the barren wasteland, in which Salad Fingers & his puppets live in (and also Horace & Milford.) But I'm still debating on whether to use the old barren wasteland (for example, I might use a shot of the barren wasteland from older videos) or I might use the newer and spookier background (as seen in the latest episode, where Salad Fingers goes to visit Dr. Papanak.)

I might also change the font into the (what I call) "Salad Fingers Font." Yeah.

Bad News Section I am on my dad's computer, and unfortunately it doesn't contain the tools I need to make this dream a reality.

Neutral News Section For this dream to come true, I might have to resort to begging my brother to use his laptop. He's an expert on computers (it varies; from making TF2 videos to creating beautiful paintings & pictures with Photoshop.), but he rarely lets anyone use his beloved laptop. In fact, he gets angered. Well, unless you have a reason as to why you want to use his laptop. But even then, he's a hard egg to crack.

Unless you guys want to upload pictures of the barren wasteland and/or font picture. But, I hardly doubt that will happen. Not many people come on this website. People mainly use this place to edit some grammar (but I appreciate the good edits you guys make.) But, I understand.

Good day everyone. I had a less-than-decent day today. (Especially in 6th period. I forgot to write down answers! :( But I didn't write my name on it, either...) Bye! --Mintyfingers (talk) 04:05, April 23, 2015 (UTC)Mintyfingers

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