Today, I am discussing about one of our pages here on the Salad Fingers wiki. Read on if you're interested...

So, I recently checked out the Stub Categories. There was one page that intrigued me, so I clicked on it. It was about the little crow that made electronic screams & took Salad Fingers' spoon. Was it due to his singing? Not sure. Anyways, back to the point, I'm not sure whether to keep the page or delete the page. Like, the crow has only appeared in that certain episode. All it did was fly away with his spoon. Did it play an important role? Am I simply missing something? (Like seriously, on Friday there was something called Slap something Friday, and my friend had to explain to me what it was. Was not very happy.)

Keep it. The crow has left quite a mysterious feeling, right? Why did that scene happen? We're not quite sure of it, but it left quite the feeling. In a, more of... feeling good level, I assume. Not sure how to describe it, but you probably get the gist, right? Nonetheless, that scene seems to be important. Important enough to be added onto it's wiki.

Delete it. So far, the crow has only appeared in one episode. We never saw the crow ever again, or the spoon... so? While it may have left a "haunting" feeling, that was... it! We've gotten over that feeling. Time to move on! Let go of the black bird. We never saw the crow ever again. We're in denial.

Debations, debations with myself. They're delightful, actually. If anyone would like to give their point-of-view, please do so. In the meantime, I'm going to think it over.

Have a pleasant night time (or morning; depending on where you live.) to everybody! --Mintyfingers (talk) 05:19, April 28, 2015 (UTC)Mintyfingers

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