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The Great War is a catastrophic event that, although never shown, has been a gloomy subject in the entire Salad Fingers series. As with most events and memories of Salad Fingers, it is unknown whether or not the war is a figment of Salad Fingers' imagination or an actual event.

Characters in the series that are known to have supposedly participated in The Great War are Kenneth (Salad Fingers' "brother") and Jeremy Fisher (One of Salad Fingers' puppets.)


No episode has ever given background to this event, but many fans speculate that the Great War is actually responsible for the near lifeless post-apocalyptic world Salad Fingers must live in. Although the war was fought in trenches, and the nickname being for WWI is the "Great War", some believe that the "Great War" is World War III, but evidence points that it was WWI. Many of the characters that Salad Fingers creates of his own imagination are most likely former friends that had perished in the Great War. It is possible that the "Great War" may have been some kind of nuclear war, that occurred in the past. There is much evidence to support this theory, such as the appearance of Salad Fingers and other characters that may have been caused by mutation, brought on by nuclear fallout.

It is also possible that The Great War did indeed happen, and there was no fallout, but Salad Fingers was left seriously traumatized and is merely hallucinating everything that is happening altogether. Because of the "safety cupboard" and knowing morse code, it can be speculated that Salad Fingers is nothing but a demented and scared war veteran. However, this is unlikely due to the visceral realism of Salad Fingers' experiences.

It is also possible, that "The Great War" was WW1,but in Salad Fingers timeline, the atomic bomb was already invented and was used to totally annihilate everything,thus mutating everything.