Salad Fingers is the main protagonist of the series by the same name. He is a bald, hunchbacked human/mutant with light-green skin and no visible nose or ears, who speaks with a distorted Lancastrian accent.

History Edit

His long, strangely-shaped fingers are his most notable feature, which the skin of said fingers can be pulled back to reveal an underskin layer. They were the focus of the first episode of the series, where Salad Fingers is shown getting pleasure from rubbing various objects, particularly rusty metallic ones such as spoons, a doorbell panel, and a kettle. Salad Fingers is unable or unwilling to distinguish between living beings and inanimate objects, and is frequently found talking to various inert articles (notably his finger puppets and in two cases a human corpse, it is also assumed that Salad Fingers cannot understand the concept of death, or is merely unwilling to accept it.). He also talks to his radio in one episode.He is also able to speak french, but seemingly can't write, as he once tried writing with his fingers, but only draws zig-zag lines. Furthermore, he often assigns such objects proper names and appears to believe that they can communicate with him directly, sometimes voicing their perceived thoughts himself.

He lives alone in a small shack (containing, among other things, an oven, bedroom, safety cupboard, radio, phone, and table) with the number 22 on the door. Salad Fingers appears to be masochistic, as he can be seen taking pleasure from impaling his finger on a nail, rubbing stinging nettles on himself or stepping onto a bear trap. Salad Fingers also seems ignorant of other people's misfortunes or suffering at his own hand, as seen when the Varsity Jacket Wearing Boy is burnt to death within his oven. His talents include playing the flute, speaking French, and freely manipulating his teeth. He also seems able to use Morse code, as shown in episode nine, where he must inform others of a strange illness he has (which he refers to as scarlet fever). He is quite articulate, however he often spouts peculiar English sayings and phrases in situations where they do not fit or even seem relevant. Salad Fingers takes up various habits, including a regular measurement of the distance between his house and a tree, tasting of the dirt ("floor-sugar"), and listening to his radio. Sometimes he also displays a raspy asthmatic-like breathing when he becomes mesmerized at something or experiences extreme pleasure. The name "Salad Fingers" was invented by Firth's co-writer, Christian "Crust" Pickup, who described Firth as having "salad fingers" while playing the guitar.He also brings the 'dead ' Harry(Milford Cubicle)into his house and plays the flute for him....while Harry is hung on a meat hook. He is a weird mutant-like creature and he does new things everyday.What will await him next?