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''Salad Fingers is the mutated protagonist of Salad Fingers. He is a mentally disturbed person living in the desolate remains of what was once Great Britain.

Salad Fingers lives alone in a small shack (containing, among other things, an oven, bedroom, safety cupboard , radio, phone, and table) with the number 22 on the door. His talents include playing the flute and speaking French. He never speaks anything coherent, but he does utter phrases.

It is implied that the desolate world Salad Fingers inhabits is the aftermath of the "Great War", a conflict which is referenced several times throughout the episodes. The cause of Salad Fingers' insanity could possibly be because he may used to have a family, and after the Great War, his family died. Another theory states that the Great War was in fact a nuclear war and that Salad Fingers survived the war by hiding in his safety cupboard. The strands of hair he has are of his family or friends. The nuclear radiation caused Salad Fingers and other creatures in the series to mutate (his hands, his skin tone, and his face). These are just theories and have not been confirmed by the creator.

Salad Fingers takes up various habits, including a regular measurement of the distance between his house and a tree, tasting of the sand ("floor-sugar"), and listening to his radio. It seems from his ingestion of sand that Salad Fingers suffers from Pica. Salad Fingers appears to be attempting to regulate and follow a normal behavioral pattern and trying to keep himself entertained. He does normal activities such as eating, speaking with friends, listening to the radio, having a picnic, and holding a special dinner for his "younger brother". Despite these behaviors usually handled in off or disturbing ways, he is still emulating a normal society. This could imply that he is longing for how the world around him use to be and has eventually slipped into insanity. This is, of course, assuming the Great War is indeed true and not a figment of his own imagination.

Salad Fingers acquirement of food is uncertain as nothing of sustenance (aside from a crow, horses and light foliage) has ever been shown. In order for him to make the odd "pudding" in episode 5 or to be able to create milk (or live), one requires a decent steady flow of water. He also gets off foods, but his willingness to eat indigestible objects (such as sand) implies that his diet isn't healthy.

A potential idea is that all of Salad Fingers' friends are based on people he actually knew before the desolate environment came to pass. Due to his mentality it is impossible to tell, but he could have had many friends, and lived a comfortable life. He was left behind to live comfortably while some friends and a younger brother went to war, and has since spent his time listening to how the war is going. He also associates two objects as his children, so he may at one time have had a child (although this is entirely speculation). Whether any of the bizarre people existed is uncertain. Kenneth is the only one with a normal name, so the existence of a younger brother may be true.


He is a green skinned humanoid (or possibly mutant) with an eerie voice and a large vocabulary. He has no visible ears or nose, but during episodes it becomes apparent he still has a sense of smell and sound. He is completely bald, and hunchbacked, the only visible hair on his body is upon his knuckles. The skin on his fingers seems to painlessly peel back, as he uses them in episode 9 to write a letter on toilet paper (although he's really just scribbling). When Salad Fingers begins to lose blood or is sick by different means (bleeding out or Scarlet Fever), his skin changes to a paler color. 


Salad Fingers appears to suffer from Psychosis (possibly Schizophrenia ) or a Dissociative disorder, which is projected onto his environment, and is unable or unwilling to distinguish between living beings and inanimate objects, as he is frequently found talking to various inert articles (notably his finger puppets and in two cases a human corpse). He often assigns such objects proper names and appears to believe that they can communicate with him directly, sometimes voicing their perceived thoughts himself. On more than one occasion he remembers the puppets as life sized and acting on their own. Although most of his "friends" are harmless, Roger is a friend who seems to exist to bother and harm him, and is described as finicky. Roger's existence may mean that Salad Fingers is potentially incapable of controlling his own "friends" and his psychosis has taken over, independent of him. He appears to speak and interact rather kindly to the other beings in his environment and doesn't go out of his way to harm anyone, rather he interacts with everyone with a high level of kind mannerisms. There is a high potential that his psychosis may be a way for him to handle his rather desolate and insane environment surrounded by other mutant beings. This has also apparently made him fear or dislike anyone who can speak for themselves or behaves in ways he finds undesirable. He may be racist, as he demands Hubert Cumberdale clean himself up for risk of having a "filthy immigrant" in his house. As shown in various episodes, most notably "Salad Fingers 6 - Present" in which he eats Jeremy Fisher, he may suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) . This is illustrated in the one-sided conversation he has with his reflection in the toilet water, which appears to be the other half to the next one-sided conversation moments later, when he walks into his home to find himself (inside, sitting Salad Fingers) waiting for him and addressing him (outside Salad Fingers) as Jeremy Fisher. This could mean that he experiences his interactions with his "friends" as if he were on the receiving end. There is a strong possibility that Salad Fingers is a masochist, due to the fact that he receives pleasure when he harms himself, claiming that he like it when, 'the red water comes out' after impaling his finger with a rusted nail in 'Friends' and also enjoyed having his foot caught in a bear trap by Stitch-Face in 'Cage'.

Salad Fingers is also seen wearing a dress on multiple occasions, such as in episode five. However, he does not appear to have Gender Dysphoria , as he occasionally references himself as male (such as in "Salad Fingers 9 - Letter" when he refers to himself as "Daddy" to his "child" Yvonne) in multiple episodes.

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  • The name "Salad Fingers" was invented by Firth's co-writer, Christian 'Crust' Pickup, who described Firth as having salad fingers while playing the guitar. Salad Fingers directly describes his fingers as "Salad Fingers".
  • He hates anything that has no texture, as shown in Birthday.
  • His hands don't appear to be able to grab anything properly, due to only having three fingers that don't seem to bend; although, at times Salad Fingers is able to clench his 'hands' up into fist-like shapes when holding certain items.

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