Beware the Friendly Stranger (Boards of Canada)00:37

Beware the Friendly Stranger (Boards of Canada)


The music featured in Salad Fingers is mostly by the "Boards of Canada", notably "Beware the Friendly Stranger" which plays through the whole first episode. In the second episode, there is a section with no music at all, and a new song is introduced, one of David Firth playing the guitar backwards and slowed down. Other music included in Salad Fingers episodes includes work credited to Brian Eno, Sigur Rós, Aphex Twin and Lustmord. David Firth frequently inserts references to Aphex Twin in his flash cartoons; for example, the Aphex Twin logo can be found on the telephone in the fifth episode. Firth has also cited the works of David Lynch, South Park, Tim Burton, The League of Gentlemen, and Chris Morris as sources of inspiration.

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