Hubert Cumberdale is a character featured in the Salad. He is as sweet as sauerkraut. 


Hubert is a little white finger puppet with a sewn on mouth and black dots for eyes. He wears a dim coloured yellow shirt with stains on it and a blue/black/dark blue bandana and in one episode, he wore a top hat and black pants.

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  • Hubert seems to be Salad Fingers' favorite puppet as he is seen the most. He is theorized to be Salad fingers himself.
  • It has been theorized by some that Hubert might have been Salad Fingers' brother before the supposed nuclear fallout of the The Great War. Alternatively, Hubert represents the murderous side of Salad Fingers' personality and could be Salad Finger's true identity.
  • The name, "Hubert.C," when unscrambled becomes "Butcher." Alternatively, "Hubert Cumberdale" can be rearranged into "butcher," "rue," and "bedlam."
  • In the episode "Shore Leave", Hubert dug a deep hole in the ground by Salad Fingers' shack and found Kenneth's body. However, it is also possible that Salad Fingers dug the hole and either forgot about it or simply pretended that Hubert dug the hole.
  • In the episode Birthday, after Salad Fingers wakes up, he is forgotten in the forest by Salad Fingers.
  • In one of David Firth's old animations, Panathinaikos Bear #1, in the credits it says the video was written and directed by Hubert Cumberdale.


Hubert Dream

Hubert in the dream sequence.


Hubert Cumberdale in his sailor uniform in episode 5, Picnic.